How it Works

Our company was built specifically for schools by a PTA Dad that understands the struggles firsthand that parent volunteers deal with for spirit wear, PE Uniforms, and merch to celebrate the grads!  We are also constantly improving our service with parent volunteers in mind. 

Parents Pay Online
No Order Forms
No Leftover Inventory
Free Setup
Custom Online Spirit wear Website
Track All Sales and Earnings in Real Time Online
No Screen Charges
On-Demand Orders Ship Directly to the Parents Home
Flash Sale Orders Arrive Sorted, Labeled, and Bagged
Add Your Markup to Our Costs and Keep 100% of the Markup as a Way to Fundraise!


We have two ordering options below: 


This is an online store. Everyone orders in a short time frame (2-3 weeks) and we print all orders together saving everyone money. Anyone who orders during the flash sale gets free shipping and a discounted price.  All orders will arrive pre-sorted/labeled/bagged for easy distribution.  The orders from the flash sale can ship to 1 location for free or each person's home for an additional shipping fee.  In order to offer free shipping, discounted pricing, and all the sorting/labeling/bagging, we have to streamline the flash sales.  There is a 36-print minimum per logo for this store type.  These orders are screen printed. Please refer to our minimums guide by clicking here


   After the group order flash sale, we will keep your store open 24/7 at no minimum and ship directly to the parent's home!  The cost is higher than a flash sale as each order is custom-made for that parent but it allows your store to remain open all year round.  We will use the same logo from your flash sale on your on-demand store.  In addition, we can offer an extra logo in this store.  Shipping is an additional fee. 

This is a traditional bulk order.  Custom quoted.  Shipped to 1 location. 
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