We always recommend getting your graduation shirts as early as possible so kids can wear them at school.  Many times kids get them on the last day of school and wear them one time :( 

We have two great options.  The first is a signature shirt where we mail your school a paper template and a black marker and the kids write their signatures on the paper.  We then take that paper and print their real signatures onto the shirt.  The look on their faces is priceless!  Some schools do this for the graduating class, and others do it for every class and you can watch your kids signatures change throughout the years!  It is more of a keepsake that the kids get each year.  Imagine seeing your child's signature on a shirt starting from Kindergarten!  

The other option is we can print typed names on the shirt instead of signatures.  You can do an online store or a traditional bulk order.  Bulk orders are custom quoted based on quantity.