Create an Online Store

Creating an online store is easy!
It's perfect for schools, corporations, teams, groups, and more. 
Online Store Creator Checklist
As you complete your store creator, keep in mind everything can be edited/changed before your store goes live
DATE – When to open your store
 APPAREL – Color and Style to offer
 FUNDRAISING - Would you like to add fundraising to your items?
 FULFILLMENT – Have all items shipped to the school or parents’ homes?
STORE TYPE:  Group order flash sale or an all year round OnDemand store
(Store descriptions found below)
 ARTWORK – Do you have a logo or need help with a logo?
Store Types:
Group Order Flash Sale
Everyone orders in a short time frame and we print all orders together saving everyone money. We ship all orders to 1 location.  There is a 36-print minimum for this store type.  These orders are screen printed. Shipping is free.  Please refer to our minimums guide by clicking here.
On-Demand Store (Set it and forget it!)
Stores open 24/7 with no minimums and are shipped directly to parent's homes.  These orders are digitally printed.  Since we are printing each order individually, the cost is higher than a flash sale but allows your store to remain open all year round.
Please allow 10-15 minutes to create your store.